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Williams Creek’s turnkey service provides clients with design, permitting, construction and long term compliance needs related to Clean Water Act requirements. Our team of scientists and engineers possess over 90 years combined experience in the natural resource management field.

Natural Resource Due Diligence

Williams Creek performs natural resource due diligence in compliance with federal, state and local regulations to provide a thorough inventory of the flora and fauna ecological resources and potential regulatory hurdles. With a detailed site assessment, we provide our clients the information needed to make informed decisions with regards to site planning and design associated regulatory concerns. Williams Creek exceeds the standard by assisting clients with site development layout and planning to minimize impacts and integrate natural resources into development where practicable.

Natural Resource Permitting

Williams Creek also provides professional regulatory consultation services for projects where impacts to wetlands, streams and significant habitat are unavoidable. We provide for all levels of federal, state and local permitting associated with ecological resource impacts. These services include characterization of aquatic features, preparation of permit application materials, and development of a mitigation plan and post construction monitoring success criteria. Williams Creek has a clear and unparalleled understanding of the regulatory process and our experienced staff specializes in efficient and timely completion of the work necessary to move quickly through federal, state and local permitting hurdles.

In addition to private and local projects requiring natural resource permitting, a project involving federal funding typically requires assessment under the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969 (NEPA). Williams Creek can assist with categorical exclusion or be an integral team member completing the larger Environmental Assessment and Environmental Impact Statement documents.

Natural Resource Mitigation Implementation

Williams Creek has the ability to provide the turnkey services required for natural resource impacts following permit obtainment. Within our team of professionals we have a group of construction managers, scientists, site superintendents, and skilled workers to successfully construct, monitor, and maintain natural resource mitigation projects. This turnkey approach beginning with due diligence moving through implementation and ending in the long term management helps ensure permit compliance and the success of a mitigation site over time.

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