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Clients increasingly desire a strategy for their facility and operations which provide various sources of on site water supply, treatment and reuse. Williams Creek works with clients to determine how best to minimize or achieve a Net Zero Water impact. This strategy also has the ability to increase return on investment and enhances local water resources. As part of a multidisciplinary team, we help create High Performance Design solutions for new and redevelopment projects which can lead not only to peer reviewed certifications but Net Zero Water results.

High Performance Design for Certification

We have assisted clients in pursuing various certifications recognizing best in class building strategies and practices for a variety of applications. Williams Creek provides assistance on projects seeking certification through the International Living Building Institute‘s Living Communities Challenge and Living Building Challenge, and U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED® programs. We also provide design assistance for projects seeking certification under the Envision ™ sustainable infrastructure rating system and the Sustainable SITES Initiative.

Water Footprint Reduction Assessment

Williams Creek performs Water Footprint Assessments to reduce overall consumption of water, stormwater runoff and identify opportunities for reuse. The Water Footprint assessment provides practical solutions to maximize on site capture and utilization of water that lower operating costs, mitigate supply risks and contribute to an organization’s sustainability goals.

Ecological Treatment Systems

Williams Creek designs Ecological Treatment Systems (ETS) for greywater and blackwater treatment and reuse to reduce operational costs and promote unique and attractive facilities. These systems use less energy and require less maintenance than more conventional solutions and save money by reducing the surcharges associated with industrial strength wastewater.

Rainwater Harvesting

Williams Creek designs rainwater harvesting systems for clients wishing to collect and reuse stormwater for non potable uses such as irrigation, flushing toilets and cooling tower makeup. Rainwater harvesting reduces reliance upon potable water and alleviates water scarcity risks associated with potable water supplies.

High Performance Design + Net Zero Water Projects