The New Green Economy: Green Infrastructure Maintenance Training + Workforce Development

Green infrastructure (GI) refers to stormwater management practices which utilize engineered vegetated systems and materials to treat stormwater where it lands, mimicking natural processes.  These technologies are utilized in wet weather management programs throughout the United States to address combined sewer overflows, reduce flooding and improve water quality. Unlike traditional “grey” infrastructure systems that are installed underground out of the public’s view, GI provides highly visible, above ground community assets that can revitalize communities, promote public safety, and improve overall quality of life.  Like any infrastructure, GI requires maintenance to function as intended, and the maintenance of these assets provides opportunities for training and workforce development.

Williams Creek offers Total Project Delivery: engineering, design, construction + preservation utilizing expertise from our engineers, landscape architects, scientists, construction managers, and business professionals and our over 14 years’ experience of delivering this product.

Our Green Infrastructure Maintenance Training + Workforce Development Case Study demonstrates a holistic approach to utilizing engineered techniques for improving stormwater quality while also enhancing quality of life.

Williams Creek_Green Infrastructure Maintenance Training + Workforce Development Case Study

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About the Author:

“I especially enjoy projects which create economic and social value for a community; designs that catalyze change. I believe the outdoor spaces people interact in can influence them greatly in a positive or negative way. I have the opportunity to improve peoples’ experiences.”

Sarah Evans is a Professional Landscape Architect (PLA) with over 10 years of design experience working in the private and non profit sectors. Her specialties include park and trail design, recreation master planning, neighborhood creative placemaking, implementation of Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) principles, and marketing and event coordination. Prior to joining Williams Creek, Sarah served as project manager for the East 10th Street Civic Association, a non-profit organization focusing on the commercial revitalization of the Near Eastside in Indianapolis. Sarah holds a Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture degree from Arizona State University and is a licensed Professional Landscape Architect in Indiana.

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