Williams Creek Consulting is an ecological engineering and design firm
delivering long term water sustainability solutions nationwide.

Mission Statement:

We strive to improve ecological resources through engineering design and implementation of sustainable, practical solutions and build closer relationships between our clients, government, and community through outstanding service.

Williams Creek Consulting is an ecological engineering design firm specializing in the integration of Infrastructure + Science + Technology to deliver long term sustainable solutions for clients across the country.

Williams Creek has been delivering planning and design solutions for the successful integration of the built and natural environment for over a decade. We utilize proven sustainable development and integrated infrastructure techniques for improved land use and water resource management by focusing on the principles of low impact site design and community livability while navigating local, state, and federal regulatory requirements.

At Williams Creek, we focus on creating innovative solutions for our clients based upon sound technical and business case practices. We recognize design choices must provide long term viability and financial success for our clients. We believe a client’s project is truly sustainable only if it performs over time. Our design approach results in successful ecosystem preservation and community enhancement.


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“Williams Creek is one of the best green infrastructure firms I’ve come into contact with. The team is comprised of bright, thoughtful and talented individuals who work tirelessly to create sustainable solutions that are wins for their clients and also wins for the communities in which they work. With their headquarters in Indianapolis, we are fortunate that they also give back to our local community and are a national leader in sustainable solutions.”
Kären Haley, Indianapolis Cultural Trail, Inc.
“I have worked with Williams Creek since 2009, specifically with founding partner Neil Myers. They have collaborated with us on a variety of projects. I have seen their work on site, in presentations and publications – they are the “go to firm” for innovative water and site management projects. They have a special understanding of developing countries [like Guatemala] and are willing to go the extra distance to help us understand the potentials and benefits for local applications, through practical and scalable strategies.”
Andres Prera, Medio Ambiente Arquitectura
“[Durkees Run] stormwater park is an important feature, not only as it helps clean water . . . but really as an educational component . . . as an outward sign of our commitment to the environment, our environmental stewardship and what we want to convey to the next generation of young people in our community.”
Mayor Tony Roswarski, City of Lafayette, Indiana